Pastors' Responsibilities



Pastor Nancy Ludwig and Pastor Luky Cotto shepherd the Lehman and Casa del Pueblo congregations, and serve God in multiple ways you may not have known.

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      Beginning this July, Pastor Nancy will serve at Lehman on half-time status as Associate Pastor. Her focus will be on two areas – congregational care and education/formation ministries. Pastor Nancy's work is key to moving the church forward in quality pastoral care and leading our educational ministry to achieve its part of the 2020 Vision goals of our church. She will work with our Commission on Children and Youth Education (CCYE) to grow and strengthen the learning opportunties available here at Lehman. Pastor Nancy will also continue to be active in worship services. 


      In addition to her work at Lehman, Pastor Nancy holds positions with the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the UMC. She serves on the East District Lay Support Ministry Team, helping to ensure the church has compassionate laity who are trained to lead and eager to learn, and who can express their faith in Christ in meaningful ways through words and deeds. Pastor Nancy meets with persons who have felt a calling for a life in ministry, as well as those who are Certified Lay Ministers assigned to churches. She provides individuals with guidance, support, ideas, and assistance, and meets quarterly as a group with the Team. Lay ministry is at the core of every church, as there is plenty of work to do! 


     Pastor Nancy also serves on the East District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM), a group that seeks to walk with persons who have experienced a call to ordained or licensed ministry. DCOM provides a resource to assist candidates in the process of fully discerning the nature of God’s call on their life. The Committee meets with those going into ministry and licensed local pastors once a year, right up until the time they move on to ordination. Candidates for ministry must adhere to the Candidacy Process that involves specialized courses of study, background checks, interviews, and certifications. Pastor Nancy's role as registar is to manage all the files involved in the Candidacy Process for the 70 current ministry candidates.



      Pastor Luky Cotto is a General Board of Global Ministries Missionary with the National Plan for Hispanic Ministries. She is appointed to Lehman Church as a Congregational Development Missionary/Pastor, and is also responsible for the demanding role of planting a new church in Warrington. Pastor Luky is responsible for the Casa del Pueblo congregation, its worship services and Bible Studies, the Sunday school, summer activities for children, music and liturgial lessons and programs, visitation and evangelism, ESL classes, and more.


      In addition to leading the Casa del Pueblo Ministry, Pastor Luky holds several positions on the Conference level. As a member of the Church and Society Committee, she works to address complex social issues, including racism, migration, poverty, human rights, and climate change on behalf of the church. The goals of the Committee are to support the churchwide focus on Ministry with the Poor, and to implement the Social Principles and Social Resolutions in the Book of Resolutions.


      Pastor Luky is a member of the Latino Commission and Co-chair of the Rapid Response Team on Immigration (RRT). The RRT receives action alerts, policy analyses, and resources for immigrants and refugees. The Team connects United Methodists to one another to network, pray, and work together to support immigrant and refugee communities. 


      In our jurisdiction, Pastor Luky is a member of the NEJITF Task force on immigration. Nationally, she is the Co-chair of ACLAMEN, Association of United Methodist Latina Clergy. ACLAMEN was formed to identify and motivate Latina Women who have received the calling to UMC ministry and to accompany them in the formation, consecration, and ordination processes. ACLAMEN also promotes advocacy and the assurance of Latina representation at every level in our denomination. The group holds training events and offers consultations at local, regional and national levels. Pastor Luky is also a member of the Concejo of MARCHA, our National Latino Caucus.