How to participate in our livestream worship

Instructions for Participating in Virtual Worship and Ministry – An Open Invitation to All

The pastors, staff, and people of Lehman Memorial United Methodist Church continue to hold our community and you in our prayers. While we have scaled back the use of our building for only essential ministries, we are not closed! Please contact us as the need arises - physical, spiritual or otherwise.

We’d like to share with you how you might join us for virtual (online) worship or study whenever it is broadcasted. Sunday worship will continue to be broadcasted live at 10 a.m. and we’ll only have one “service.” Please share the livestream link so that all are invited. We encourage everyone to invite a neighbor or friend to join you/your family, especially if you’re the only one in your home. It’s been used in the media, but we agree: Please remember that if you’re alone, we’re alone together with you!

Lehman staff figured out the technology so you can view and participate in virtual worship via livestream by clicking this link you or the one you find on the homepage,  where you will also find the livestream link. Be ready to open the link just before 10 a.m. Sunday and worship with us.

You can do the same with any of the events we livestream. Be sure your computer/tv volume is at a comfortable level and be ready to adjust it when we begin. In order to be prepared for worship, Pastors Andy and Nancy suggest you do the following, although just joining us is sufficient for you to worship with us:

For more advanced users: Download or be prepared to view this Sunday’s bulletin. You'll find a link for that on the livestream page. You can simply click on that link and it will open the bulletin in another window, which iwill allow you to go back and forth between it and the livestream during worship. 

As in regular worship, there will be a time for an offering and there's a button for that as well, or you can send in your envelope at any time. Giving honors God and helps us stay financially healthy as we move forward. Thank you!

Something else you might consider, based on our Journey of Stones series - make a small worship area for yourself. Grab a candle, your Bible, and find a quiet space. Set it up as you prefer and it is your focus when not watching the livestream. Also, don’t forget your rock – yes, a small rock – from your backyard! We can’t wait to get together – albeit online – with everyone again. Be well and be blessed!

– Pastors Andy and Nancy

If you're looking for additional online worship opportunities, the UMC has organized some resources