During the school week, approximately 40% of Hatboro’s local elementary school children benefit from the district's free and reduced priced meal program.

But what happens when school's out?

Sadly, it's been reported that some kids will save a portion of their Friday school meals so they have something to eat over the weekend.

Or worse yet, some may simply go hungry.


The H.A.T. Packs Program was established to help.


H.A.T. Packs' Mission

The H.A.T. (Helping Around Town) Packs program partners with Hatboro public schools, area grocery stores, food distributors and manufacturers, restaurants, civic and government organizations, local parishes and congregations, and individual contributors, to help fill weekend hunger gaps.

Through monetary, food and resource donations, the H.A.T. Packs program provides packs filled with breakfast, lunch and snack items to Hatboro's elementary school children and their siblings who face food insecurity—in-between the school bell.

H.A.T. Packs was launched by Lehman Memorial Church member, Denise (DJ) Schultz and her colleagues Erin Pease and Patsy Meck. Each week the group provides weekend gap meals to children from partner elementary schools in the area. 
Denise spoke about the program's ambitions for the coming months, "We plan to expand our reach by adding more area schools and using the H.A.T. Packs platform to help inform families about other benefits – like Lehman's Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry."


Juice Box - about 6 oz.
Horizon Organic Milk (Regular, Vanilla, Chocolate) - 8 oz.
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Any flavor) - 1.51 oz.
Cereal Box (Any kind) 1/31 oz.
Chef Boyardee (Lasagna, ravioli, ec.) - 7.5 oz.
Knorr Rice Sides (Any flavor) about 5.6 oz.
Pringles Chips - 0.74 oz.
Pudding Snack Pack (Vanilla or Chocolate) 3.25 oz.
GoGo Squeeze Applesauce - 3.2 oz.


Lehman Memorial Church supports the H.A.T. Packs Program

• Through the generosity of Lehman's Sanctuary Choir, a roomy, secure steel storage cabinet was purchased and donated to enable the H.A.T. Packs team to buy and store food in bulk. 









Notes from H.A.T. Packs' April 2, 2018 Meeting

  • If anyone is interested in coordinating a fundraising effort, please contact Erin McCuen Pease at hatpacks040@gmail.com or (215) 285-0654.
  • H.A.T. Packs will have a table set up for Hatboro Summer Nights at the Library. A raffle will be held each week.
  • A Volunteer Program is being formed.
  • Plans are being made to expand to serve children at more local schools. 
  • Thank you to Elm Street, Hatboro Residents Association, Church of the Advent, Hatboro Baptist Church, Lehman Memorial Church, Love In Action, Hatboro Federal Savings, Hatboro Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts/Girls Scouts/NJHS, Tom Murt and Hatboro Borough Council.


Before and after services on Sunday, February 4, our Youth Group collected $1,122 for H.A.T. Packs during the SOUPER BOWL OF CARING. The people of Lehman Memorial Church are so incredibly caring and generous! THANK YOU for helping to tackle hunger in our community!









H.A.T. Packs is a community-wide initiative, with team members from many local business, church groups, and organizations. To date, members of the H.A.T. Packs coaliton include:

  • Pastor Bill Lentz and Denise Schultz from Lehman Memorial Church
  • Patsy Meck and Pastor Doug Stratton from Hatboro Baptist Church.
  • Erin Pease, active community volunteer and member of "The 040," the unofficial local volunteer group
  • Pastor Lynn Hade from Church of the Advent.
  • Love in Action UCC
  • The Hatboro Residents Association 
  • The Greater Hatboro Chamber of Commerce
  • Elm Street Hatboro 
  • The Hatboro Borough Council 
  • PA Representative Tom Murt and his office  



(right) Lehman's Communications Manager Nancy Collier joins H.A.T. Packs team members Barbara Schultz, Denise Schultz, Patsy Meck, Erin Pease, and Reverend Lynn A. Hade of the Church of the Advent at H.A.T. Packs headquarters. Church of the Advent has generously donated space in their building for H.A.T. Packs operations.













(right) Barbara Schultz packs a weekend H.A.T. Pack for a child in our community.


For more information, visit www.facebook.com/pg/H.A.T.Packs.

Or email the group directly at hatpacks040@gmail.com.