Laity Sunday

Laity Sunday
Mark Kirsch


This year's denominational Laity Sunday theme is, Therefore, go with HOPE & hospitality.

LaitySunday is an invitation for the whole church to remember that together, all the baptized, lay and clergy, are the people of God. Every Sunday when we gather, we pray, learn, and strive to be the people at work living the Gospel — being a people of many gifts and differing roles, sharing one mission. 

LEARN ABOUT IMPLEMENTING CAT RESULTS – Lehman Memorial Church's Lay Leader Mark Kirsch reveals the plans to implement the CAT results in 2018. The denominational theme works well in this endeavor. With hope in our hearts, and through hospitality to new people, leaders, and ideas, we will answer Jesus’ call to “Therefore, Go!” in his name to the community and the world.

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