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Gracias por visitar nuestra pagina del Ministerio Casa del Pueblo, le invitamos para que nos visite y venga a gozarse con nosotros todas las semanas durante el domingo o durante la semana.  
El Ministerio Latino, Casa del Pueblo de la IMU Lehman, se reúne todos los domingos a las 10:30 AM para el Culto de Alabanza y Adoración. Todos y todas son bienvenidos. El culto es en Español y la Pastora es la Rev. Lilian Lucrecia Cotto.

Eastern PA committed to
‘Helping Puerto Rico Rise Again’


With a new missional fundraising campaign underway to support Puerto Rico’s recovery from hurricane devastation, Eastern PA Conference leaders plan to tour Methodist churches and their communities there in February, bringing much-needed prayers and financial aid raised in our conference.

A six-member team, including three Cabinet members, will travel there Feb. 14-23, as guests of Bishop Ortiz, to visit pastors and members of some of the 96 Methodist churches, 33 of which were damaged. They will gather information and stories of struggle, survival and ministry, join their hosts in prayer, fellowship and worship, and offer more donated funds and needed supplies.

District superintendents the Rev. Irving Cotto, the Rev. Tracy Bass and the Rev. Bumkoo “BK” Chung will be accompanied by the Rev. Nicolas Camacho of West Lawn UMC Reading, the Rev. Herbert Coe of St. Daniel’s UMC Chester and Andres Cotto, Irving Cotto’s son. Camacho leads the task force planning the conference’s coordinated support for Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts. Learn more here...


 Help free Ravi and stop his deportation!


   Our worst fears have come true. Today, while checking-in to ICE at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City, accompanied by his wife, Amy, his lawyers, and several elected officials, Ravi Ragbir was detained.

   While we formulate other plans, we are asking you all to call ICE, asking for Ravi’s release. Details are below. Please also call your elected officials, and ask them to call ICE to inquire as to why Ravi has been detained, and advocate for his release.

Background information on Ravi can be found & shared here: 



Thousands of hard working young people have been brought to the United States as infants or children. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program provided 800,000 of them some measure of protection. But now that DACA has been terminated, Dreamers risk being locked up in federal detention centers and deported to a country they hardly remember.

The passage of Dream Act 2017 would give undocumented youth an opportunity to earn legal status if they attend college, are employed for three years, or enlist in the military, and pass a government background check. 

  • Pray, and call, write, or e-mail your members of Congress to ask them to pass a clean Dream Act 2017 immediately. Visit com/IIC-DreamActionAlert to learn how.

 As people of faith, we support Dream Act 2017 because we believe in protecting the dignity of every human being, allowing everyone to reach their God given potential.


Programa de Dia de Los Padres Con Danza Liturgica

Como un regalo especial para los padres de la congregación, La Clase de Danza Litúrgica de Anawim/Casa del Pueblo trajeron una linda danza el domingo pasado.  Aunque el grupo apenas empezó hace dos meses, las estudiantes bailaron una danza expresiva de alabanza y adoración en honor a los padres en sus vidas y de la congregación.  Después de bailar, algunos padres hablaron y dieron expresiones de agradecimiento y el orgullo que siente un padre. La riqueza que la danza Litúrgica trae a las familia y en especial al servicio de adoración es fantástico.  El programa trajo alegría y gozo a las participantes y a la congregación.






en el Fellowship Hall domingo 9:30-10:30 am

En respuesta a peticiones de tener Escuela Bíblica, especialmente para adultos, este verano empezaremos a dar clases a los adultos.  

IMPORTANTE, note que el Culto de Adoración ahora será a las 10:30 am, después de la escuela dominical.




Fotos anuales de la conferencia 2017


Durante la semana

Nos reunimos en grupos pequenos en diferentes partes de la ciudad, Warrington, Warminster, y Hatboro para tener compañerismo, compartir acerca de nuestras necesidades cotidianas y por supuesto, para estudiar la Palabra de Dios en comunidad.
tenemos el programa de ESL-Ingles como segundo idioma.
martes - 10-11 AM
jueves - 6:30-7:30 PM (ESL),  
7:00-8:00 PM Clase de Espanol
Los dias martes
Nos reunimos en un hogar con uno de los grupos pequenos a los que les llamamos Comunidades de Fe a las 10:00 AM y por la noche, tenemos Estudio Biblico/reuniones especiales a las 7 PM.
Los días jueves
Por la manana nos reunimos para orar antes de reunirnos en una de las comunidades de Fe de Bucks Landing.
Los dias viernes
Por la manana nos reunimos en Warminster en una Comunidad de Fe
de 7-8:30 PM tenemos nuestro Club de Ninos CCKC - Christ Community Kids Club, para ninos de 4-7 anos de edad y nuestra Escuela Biblica o Escuela de la Iglesia para jovenes y adultos.
de 7-8:30 PM grupo de ninos 8-11 y grupo de jovenes 12 en adelante. grupo de alabanza 7:30-9:00 PM






Para obtener más información
Si desea comunicarse con la Pastora Luky Cotto, favor de llamar a la oficina 215-347-1020 o enviarle un e-mail a o haga clic aquí.
Dios les bendiga grandemente,
Pastora Luky.




Thanks for visiting the website of the ministry Casa del Pueblo. We invite you to visit us Sunday's or during the week.

The Latino Ministry, Casa del Pueblo at Lehman Church, meets every Sunday at 10:30 AM for Worship and Praise. All are welcome. The worship is in Spanish and is led by Rev. Lilian Lucrecia Cotto.


It was an historic gathering where the 25th Anniversary of the National Hispanic/Latino Plan of the United Methodist Church was celebrated. Rooted in God’s hope, the group set a prophetic vision for the future of the Hispanic/Latino community, congregations and leaders in the United Methodist Church and beyond.

Pastor Luky Cotto, pastor of Lehman' Casa del Pueblo Ministry, was one of the participants of the event. Read more HERE...



As a special gift to the fathers in the congregation, Anawim/Casa del Pueblo's Liturgical Dance Group performed a beautiful worship dance last Sunday. Although the group was formed only two months ago, the dancers skillfully performed an expressive dance to praise the Lord and honor the father figures in their lives. Following the performance, many parents spoke about the love and pride they feel for their daughters, and the grace and richness the Liturgical Dance Ministry brings to their families and to special worship services. The program has brought many joyful benefits to all involved!

During the week
We gather in small groups throughout the communities of Warrington, Warminster and Hatboro to share in fellowship, to share our daily needs and of course, to study the Word of God.
Every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
ESL (English as a Second Language) and tutorting programs meet. 
Wednesday - 10:00-11:00 AM
Thursday - 10:45 AM - Noon (ESL), 7:00-8:00 PM (Spanish Class)
Friday - 7:00-8:00 PM
Every Tuesday
At 7 PM we have Bible study/special meetings
Every Thursday Morning
We meet in a community of faith, we gather at the church to pray. The faith community is at Bucks Landing.
Every Friday Evening
From 7-8:30 PM we have our CCKC - Christ Community Kids Club for children ages 4-7, and our Bible Study or Church school where youth and adults learn about the Bible, in place of Sunday School.
From 7:30-9:00 PM we have music practice.
 For More Information
Contact Pastor Luky Cotto at 215-470-2229 or send an e-mail to

God bless you,
Pastor Luky


The Call to Justice and Mercy in Response to Anti-Immigrant Federal Policies calls on United Methodists to “honor our historic Methodist legacy of commitment to justice and mercy for those who are poor and displaced.”

You can read the message in its entirety HERE.

In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us that we serve as true disciples when we serve others:

“For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” 

(Matthew 25:35)